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All You Need To Know About Sheesham Wood Furniture

About Sheesham Wood Furniture

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Wooden furniture is known for its aesthetic value and its durability. Sheesham wood Furniture is one of the finest woods used for making wooden furniture. It is obtained from the rosewood tree, which is grown in India. The specialty of this wood is that all pieces look different. People choose Sheesham wood furniture next to teak furniture. Sheesham wood furniture is quite popular as it is durable and long-lasting. If you love to own hardwood furniture, then Sheesham wooden furniture is a perfect choice. Add a luxurious touch to your home with stylish Sheesham furniture. Here is a detailed overview of Sheesham wood furniture.

Sheesham Wood-Overview

What is Sheesham wood? Itis also called Dalbergio Sisso or Indian rosewood. This tree is grown in abundance in Punjab, Assam, West Bengal, and Uttar Pradesh. This type of tree is usually grown along riverbanks. Sheesham tree wood is not only used for furniture but is also used for the manufacture of doors, walls, floors, wooden panels, and wooden sheets. These types of wood are known for their beauty and class. Sheesham wood can be seen in golden brown, dark brown, and chestnut colors that come with dark streaks. This makes the wood look rich and lustrous. Sheesham wood is flexible and pliable. This makes Sheesham wood highly favored for the manufacture of furniture. Sheesham wood furniture is affordable and durable, making it the right choice for furniture. Now that you know what Sheesham wood is, you must also know about its benefits and special features.

Why Sheesham Wood Furniture?

There are several benefits to using Sheesham wood for the making of wood furniture. Sheesham tree wood is allowed to naturally dry for six months. This natural seasoning makes wooden furniture made of Sheesham wood highly durable. Sheesham tree wood can be used in the manufacture of various pieces of quality furniture for your home, like Sheesham wood beds, Sheesham wood chairs, Sheesham wood tables, etc. The following are the reasons for the use of this wood for making furniture pieces.

Durable: Sheesham solid wood furniture is known for its strength. This wood is moisture resistant which makes it suitable for making a variety of furniture. The wood is sturdy. This type of wood never splits or warps. It is also decay-resistant and fire-resistant. This makes the Sheesham wood furniture long-lasting.

Pest Resistant: Sheesham tree wood is best suited for furniture. The moisture-resistant property of the wood makes it pest resistant and it is free from termite attacks. You can remain stress-free when you own Sheesham tree wood furniture

Lustrous: Sheesham is a classy wood, which makes Sheesham furniture look elegant. Polished Sheesham wood is known for its shine and rich look. The unique grains of Sheesham tree wood make it look attractive. The smooth finish of the Sheesham tree wood makes it a favorable choice for making furniture. The gorgeous finish of the Sheesham wood furniture makes your home look sophisticated. 

WakeUp Sheesham Solid Wood Bed with Storage

Easy To Maintain: People who own wooden furniture worry about maintaining them. Sheesham tree wood furniture can be maintained easily. It looks glossy and lustrous with less maintenance. You do not need to invest in costly equipment to maintain your Sheesham furniture. A simple protective coat can protect your wooden furniture.

Affordable: It is quite evident that wooden furniture is costly. Sheesham wood is an affordable option when you wish to invest in hardwood furniture. This made Sheesham furniture popular and widely used by everyone. You can see people using Sheesham wood beds as an alternative to teak beds.

Why Choose Sheesham Wood Furniture?

We have seen the amazing benefits of Sheesham wood. All these make it a perfect choice for owning Sheesham wood furniture. Furniture made from this hardwood is sleek and stylish. This makes your home look elegant. This furniture fits any aesthetic of your choice. Sheesham wood is highly flexible and gives room for customization. You can customize Sheesham wood to make the furniture of your choice.

Wood carving and engraving can be done with ease using Sheesham wood. This makes Sheesham furniture more attractive and special. You have a wide variety of trendy Sheesham furniture available on the market. This makes your home stylish and sophisticated. Sheesham wood bed is an exquisite piece of furniture. It would last for ages and could be used by generations. Sheesham wood bed is known for its exemplary quality and lustrous finish. It adds a classy finish to your home. The fantastic grain variations of Sheesham wood make Sheesham furniture a beautiful furniture choice. Furniture made from this wood complements well with other room decors. So when you wish to upgrade your home, without any second thought, invest in Sheesham furniture.

Wakeup Sheesham Wood Furniture Storage Bed

Comparing Sheesham Wood With Other Types of Wood

Sheesham and teak are mostly used for making furniture. When comparing these two types of wood based on their durability, teak comes out on top. Teak is quite heavy and is mostly used to make large furniture like beds, wardrobes, etc., whereas Sheesham tree wood can be used to make small furniture like coffee tables, dining tables, chairs, etc. You can also make Sheesham wood beds, cabinets, etc. with no compromise on their quality. Sheesham wood is more flexible than teak wood. This makes it easy to make Sheesham wood furniture like Sheesham wood bed, Sheesham wood dining tables, etc. Teakwood is quite expensive compared to sheesham wood. This wood is an affordable option over other hardwoods.

Sheesham and mango wood are used for making furniture. The grains of mango wood are consistent, whereas the grains of Sheesham wood vary in every single piece. Sheesham is known for its unique lustrous finish. Sheesham wood furniture is more durable than mango wood furniture. The grain capacity of Sheesham wood makes it more durable than mango. Mango wood is more expensive than Sheesham wood.

In the bottom line, the unique properties of Sheesham wood make it the best pick for furniture when compared to other types of hardwood. The above gives a clear insight into the things you must know about Sheesham wood and Sheesham wood furniture.

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