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Beds With Storage: Why You Need One

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Contemporary styles are becoming a fad these days. With the world going fast, people prefer homes that are easy to maintain and quick to access. Yes!!! We are talking about saving space by adding storage options everywhere possible. This now includes a bed. You heard it right. Beds with storage are becoming more popular these days. Why? Well, like we mentioned, accessibility. Why invest in a wardrobe when you can have the same facility on your bed? Let us look into the benefits of a bed with storage and the complete guide to buying one.

Less clutter

Storage space equals an organized home. The more space you have to put your things away, the less the clutter in your home. This not only serves as a space to store your extra sheets and pillow covers, but you can also place your books or toys that are used often. Single and Double beds with storage go a great way to help you grab those extra sheets in a quickie.

Wakeup Sheesham Wood Furniture Storage Bed

Style & Design

Enhances the entire look of the room. One can not deny that contemporary styles are being adapted a lot lately. Beds with storage come in various styles, to match your particular needs without compromising the design of your room. So, finding the right one is easy. You have single beds with storage and double beds with storage, wooden bed with storage option, queen size bed with storage, pull out storage options, hydraulic storage options, you get our drift, right?


The storage option often falls on the frame of the bed, this gives the bed more stability and keeps the mattress in a frame that is sturdier. So, the chances of having a stronger base are high, and it will last longer. For Kings and Queen size beds with storage, the sturdier the base, the better chances for it to last long.


Getting those dust cleaned off under a cot is such an exhausting task. This way, one need not get into a weird position to clean those dust mites off as the frame will leave no space below making it easier to clean. Maintaining a cot is also necessary. If not done properly, there is a lot of elbow grease, especially when your room has a king or queen size bed with storage.

More Space

Well, there is no other underlying reason other than this. It is obvious that the main purpose of having a bed with storage is to have that extra closet space. Why else would you go for one? Imagine if your room can only accommodate a bed, well, don’t you think it is practical to have a king or a queen size bed with storage or a single or double bed with storage? This way you don’t have to compromise your room space by squeezing in a cupboard.

Now that we have seen the benefits of investing in a bed with storage, let us see how we can land on the right one. This can be a little tricky, so here are the points you need to keep in mind when you look for single or double beds with storage.


Well hands down the best one would be a wooden bed, like oak, mango, mulberry or Sheesham wood.  Options are plenty. Wood because it is more robust and also adds a classy look


Depending on your room, you will have to figure out how big a bed with storage you would want. And the height of the bed frame is going to be larger than the bed with storage options, so make sure to buy a mattress accordingly. You do not want to end up having a bed frame that is too high.  At the end of the day, ensure you have enough room to walk around freely. So always measure.


When we look into furniture that is multi-functional, like beds with storage, even though our primary focus is on that additional storage area, the next in line is the cost. We do not want it to be too expensive and burn a hole in our budgets, and for that reason, people would rather buy a wardrobe.

The Whole Package

It is not just the bed that comes with storage; you would also get matching bedside tables. A bedroom is not complete without the side tables and you would definitely want ones that are matching. Also, it’s never a single side table but two, one on either side. Hence, an entire set is covered under one expense.

Additional Tips

Although the above are the main pointers, here are a few additional ones that can be helpful to you when you make that purchase.

Where to buy them?

Well, you definitely have both online and offline options. You can start by wading through the immense options provided online. Look for the basics such as design, mechanism, material etc, and note down your requirement, if you are satisfied you may go ahead with an online purchase; if you are a person who would want to check these features out physically, it is always better to visit a store and see and feel the features. Like how the hydraulics work, or pull open the drawers and see how they work.

Warranty and other benefits

This is one important factor people foresee when making any purchase for that matter. It would be wise to know what warranties are covered when you purchase a bed with storage. Will any damage be replaced? Is there free delivery? If you are purchasing a hydraulic bed, will there be a warranty on its mechanism etc? It is always better to be prepared.

Cleaning and Maintenance

With the kind of furniture you are buying, it is best to know how to maintain it to last longer. A hydraulic bed with storage would require regular maintenance, like oiling the hinges etc. A wooden bed frame would need regular polishing to maintain its glow, also the wood should be treated with pest control to repel the bed bugs and termites. Do not dump everything into the storage. Arrange it well. You do not want to risk the drawers getting stuck.

WakeUp Sheesham Solid Wood Bed with Storage


Some cots would have to be assembled after it is delivered. Especially with a king or queen size bed with storage, either you can follow the instructions that come along with the cots or, make sure you get the right help with the assembly. Any damage during the process may not be covered under warranty. It is always better to go with an expert for such matters. And once assembled it is better to not reassemble it, should you have to shift it. All these are factors that are usually overlooked but that have a long-term effect on its maintenance.

Beds with storage are a great investment, regardless of the room size or extra closet space. Additional storage will only help you have a neat and clean home, especially if that home houses kids. It is hassle-free to maintain and can accommodate small rooms. It is in sync with convenience, luxury, and comfort. Pair it with the right mattress, and you have a sleeping corner that is unbeatable. We all want a comfortable and convenient space that we can call home. The bedroom is a space that is so personal to us. Hence, it is important to design that space according to our will and wishes. Missed anything? Why wait? Let us know. Drop your comments below.

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