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How poor sleeping habits lead to bad health?

How poor sleeping habits lead to bad health?

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Reduced sleeping hours or bad sleeping habits lead to some serious health disorders. Sleeping less than 7 hours may disturb your senses and behaviour. From physical health disorders to mental health, bad sleeping habits can disturb your body by providing some long-term illnesses.

Disadvantages of getting sleep less than 7 hours:

High blood pressure

You may face high blood pressure problem when you start sleeping for less than 5 hours on the daily basis.

Impacts your digestive system

Lack of proper sleep may slow down your digestive system, resulting in obesity or increased chances of having diabetes.

Risk of heart disease

The lack of sleep increases the risk of having heart diseases due to obesity and mental instability.

Too tired to do physical activities

With lack of sleep, you are not able to do exercise or you feel very tired to engage yourself in physical activities. Not only exercising, but you will also feel less energetic, resulting in decreased sex drive. It makes you that much tired that you stop making plans for the day and even your future.

Poor concentration level your

Poor concentration level is another big disadvantage you face with the lack of proper sleep regularly. This may result in low productivity while doing your office work.

If you are a sportsperson, this is important to take at least 7-8 hours of sleep to maintain the flexibility and movement of your body.

Weak immunity

Lack of sleep and exercise promotes weak immunity. It means you become more prone to the problems related to flu, viral, cold & cough.

Not only proper hours of sleeping, but you need a good surface too to support your back and spine while sleeping.

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