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How to Choose a Perfect Pillow – Know with Wakeup

How to Choose a Perfect Pillow

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How to Choose a Perfect Pillow?

People often think about their mattress to have a good sleep but they ignore their perfect pillow choice. Are you also one of them. Okay, tell me, when you thought about your perfect pillow? Don’t remember? It’s okay. Many people think about their mattresses but ignore paying attention to a good pillow. A mattress is your investment and the most important equipment for your sleep. But when we talk about sleep quality or good sleep, pillows are also needed to pay attention to as much as your mattress.
Today we will talk about when you need a pillow or when you should replace your pillow. Sometimes you need to replace your pillow even if it is not old. If you don’t feel comfortable while sleeping, might be your pillow needs a replacement. If you fold or scrunch your pillow to get comfortable, it’s a sign to replace it.

Sleeping Posture and Pillow

A good sleeping posture is a key to a night of healthy sleep and painless sleep. A pillow helps you to have a good sleeping posture. A body aligns from the knees and hips, through the spine to the chest and shoulders, and head and neck. If your neck and shoulders do not get enough support or are tested at an angle that causes twisting, craning, or crunching, it forces your spine and body out of alignment, causing your neck pain, shoulders pain, and discomfort. So, to have enough comfort and support in a good sleeping posture, you need to choose the right pillow also as well as the mattress.

There are so many factors that affect your choice of a perfect pillow. Let’s talk about them.
According to sleep experts, bed pillows have to be compelled to get replaced after eighteen months. Memory foam pillows usually last longer, up to a few years. Natural pillows last longer than artificial pillows and better quality pillows can be a perfect pillow and last longer than cheaper ones. If you have been applying a pillow recently for 5 or six years, you are not getting the support you need – and you are not even asleep.

It seems like a short life of a pillow, but think deeply about it: Your pillow is used for about 7-8 hours a night – that’s over 2,500 hours per year! So, it is also an investment in having a healthy sleep like your mattress.

Replacement of Your Pillow

Confused about how you will know that your pillow needs a replacement or not? Just follow these some tests and get to clear about this decision.

Look off carefully your pillowcase and more, and find that is it have stains from sweat or is it smell or is it torn from somewhere. If you find something like this, it’s a sign to make a replacement. Pillows gain dead skin cells, mold, fungi, and dirt mites. Over time, over 0.5 a load of a pillow is attributing to those unwanted organisms, which may trigger allergies, impede respiration throughout sleep, and eject those odors that build it arduous to sleep well.

It’s all about making a replacement. Now we will talk about how to choose the best pillow for yourself.

What’s your sleeping position?

Your sleeping position always matters to buying a pillow. Each sleeper has their own sleeping position like some side sleepers, some are stomach sleepers, and some prefer to sleep on their back.
Nothing can make you happy if you didn’t have a good sleep in the night and have a good sleep, you should sleep with the right pillow. A wrong pillow can raise neck pain, headaches, sneezing, shoulder, or arms numbness.

According to sleep expert Michael Breus, PhD, a clinical psychologist and author of Beauty Sleep, “Pillows can not only impact the quality of our sleep but also how healthfully we rest and recharge. Look Younger, Lose Weight, and Feel Great Through Better Sleep.”
Hecht, the co-chief of spine surgery at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in New York says, “A bad pillow won’t be the cause of any of these problems, but using the incorrect pillow can certainly exacerbate many of the underlying problems linked to these symptoms, and it certainly can keep you from getting a good night’s rest,”.

Experts Advice to sleepers according to their Sleeping Position

For Back Sleepers:

Bernard says, “Back sleepers need thinner pillows, so their head is not thrown too far forward”. Also, hunt for a pillow with an extra scaffold in the bottom third of the pillow to handle your neck.

For Side Sleepers:

Side sleepers require a strong and firmer pillow to cover the distance between the ear and the outside shoulder.

For Stomach Sleepers:

Stomach sleepers should hunt for a very thin, almost flat pillow. Experts suggest to stomach sleepers that you may not even need a pillow for your head, but consider applying a tuck under your abdomen to avoid lower back pain.

Pillow Types or Stuffing Options

These days you have a lot of choices to stuffing in a pillow. The most common ones are bottom-wing combinations, foam, or polyester fiberfill. Memory foam and latex pillows have become quite prevalent in the last few years, especially among people looking for extra neck support.

Types of Stuff for a pillow


Wool and cotton both are non-toxic and resist mold and dust mites and also quite firmer. So if you like a squishy pillow, then these filling kinds of stuff are not for you. This type of pillow can’t be a perfect pillow for you.


Sleep experts advise having a down pillow to have a good sleep “One of the great things about down pillows is that you can move the stuffing around so that you have the most support where you need it, Plus, it’s soft, yet firm enough to give you the support you need.” Bernard says.

Latex Foam:

It is the strongest type of pillow, and it counteracts mold and dust mites. Latex pillows can also help with back and neck alignment, as they are often contoured to support the neck.

Memory Foam:

Memory Foam Pillows are quite popular because they recognize pressure points by constantly shifting and adjusting your body shape while moving overnight. These pillows come in a variety of sizes, including a popular contour S-shape intended to support the neck.


“Go by the density. The higher the density, the less breakdown, and the more support you will have without getting too soft.” Breus says.

There are some other options also in the market to fill your needs according to your requirement like Water Pillow, Cervical Pillow, Cool Pillow, Anti-Snore Pillow, and Oxygen-Promoting Pillows, etc. Sleep is not just about sleeping, it’s a kingdom where so many factors are engaged. We can’t express everything in a single blog. Apart things of a perfect pillow will discuss in the next blog. Thank You!

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