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Which Mattresses used by 5 Star Hotels and Resorts in India

Mattresses used by 5 Star Hotels and Resorts in India

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To invest money is a fruitful concept when it keeps the customer happy and takes the business ahead. When it comes to invest in a 5 star hotel or resorts, interior of the room matters more than anything. It catches the eye of the customer as he enters the room and to your knowledge 

a happy customer contributes greatly in the growth of a business 

Well, when talking about the room interior, mattress plays a great part. Or if said precisely, customer might feel more invited to the hotel or resort if the mattress goes as his preference. You’d be still wondering that how does it matter so much? Okay, so we tell you how.

Let just simply know first, what two factors are to chosen in accordance to select a mattress for your hotel and luxury resort?

  • Customer need- 

The need of a mattress varies from one person to the other person. We can say that a person with slight backache would love to sleep on a medium-firm mattress while a person with no body pain would prefer to relax on more soft and spongy mattress.

  • Age Group – 

Age group analysis plays a vital role in choosing the right mattress. If the certainty is that all age group people step in your hotel then must select both medium and spongy firm mattress while if youngesters are more frequent, then investing on spongy mattresses will be of great benefit and impression.

Had heard a lot about medium-firm and spongy feel mattresses, isn’t it? Let’s just have a brief look to what we actually meant by mentioning these particular types of mattresses.

Spring mattresses- (Advantages of Spring mattress)

Spring mattresses are used by many hotels and resorts and are widely popular for their foam which is soft as a cotton candy. We bet the customer will enjoy it’s lavish experience and may just miss out some important meeting next day as it’s hard to get off the spring mattress. 

Well to sort it more easier for you and to avoid hustle in search of a good brand. You can simply check out pocket spring mattress by wakeup

It’s High Resiliency Softy Foam, and embedded Pocket Spring makes it a good choice and it’s cover material of Premium quality Quilted Foam and high GSM Spun Knitted Fabric makes it more inviting.

Wakeup Spring mattresses are induced with zero disturbance technology (caused by partner’s motion), breathable technology (mattress easily takes in and out the air) and most importantly it’s Antimicrobial Technology and zero body heat accumulation.

Memory foam mattresses- (Advantages of Memory foam mattress)

Memory foam mattress are a lavish addition to your hotel and resort. It’s medium firm mattress highly preferred for people with back issues. It’s body-hugging feature is the main flag of a good memory foam mattress. Mattress evenly distributes the body-weight and widely relaxes the pressure points. 
Well to sort it more easier for you and to avoid hustle in search of a good brand. You can simply check out memory foam mattress by wakeup.

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