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Pillows Shape – Get Your Perfect Pillow

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Pillow is also as important as a mattress. In past blogs, we have discussed the era of pillows and the types of pillows. Pillows’ shape also plays a huge role in the comfort of sleep. In this blog, we will cover the pillows shape element. You need an individual pillow shape for your every event like travel pillow for travelling, husband pillow for reading or using phone, and pregnancy pillow in pregnancy time etc. Let’s have a look at pillows shape.

Body Pillow

Most body pillows are 20 x 54 inches in size and are wont to give a range of support for assuaging joint pain to influencing an improved sleep position. These are common to a position alongside headboards likewise and may double as each head and joint point relief dead one product. A body pillow can be used as a replacement snuggle buddy if you love to Spoon and live alone (or your partner doesn’t feel like it).

Travel Pillow

Travel pillows sometimes live twelve × sixteen inches and area unit created specifically for toddlers or for simple packing for journeys. Travel-size pillows exist usually for this size which might be terribly helpful for traveling in associate degree craft or automotive. The travel pillow is additionally similar to wrap-around vogue pillows that match between your head and neck in varied ways that to stay your head from falling forward or too so much once resting during a lot of upright positions.

Some Types of Travel Pillow

  • Ostrich Pillow
  • Inflatable pillow
  • Neck Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillows are available in a range of shapes and sizes and square measure specific to assuaging back and abdomen pain or pressure through the night. These may be terribly specific to the individual’s desires and wishes and square measure designed to assist support the variances in comfort and body form through a growing pregnancy.

Rolled Pillow

A rolled pillow is also known as a bolster. This type of pillow can be used to decorate your bed. But its origins began with the support of the neck and feet — and when used in this way it is still very useful. Your neck requires proper support between your head and back, especially when lying on your back. A rill can help with this. Spinal alignment can also help when a bolt is placed below your knees when laying on your back as well.

Wedge Pillow

Wedge pillows are available in various ranges in the market, but all are used to support the body differently. A wedge can be an inexpensive pain reliever option whether you need one for a pregnant belly, lumbar support, or an upright position. Usually made of polyfoam or memory foam, wedges are specialized to help with resting conditions.

Bed Pillow

Bed Pillows are a popular pillow. Chances are this is what we are laying on your bed right now.

Sizes of Bed Pillows:

  • Standard Size – 20” x 26”
  • King Size – 20” x 36”
  • Queen Size – 20” x 30”

Leg Rest Pillow

Similar to a wedge pillow but for the lower end of your body. Leg rest pillows lift everything down from the thigh and are used for back pain, injury/surgery, and swelling of the feet.

A leg rest pillow is wedged just below your buttocks, angles under your thighs, knees, and provides a flat surface for your feet to relax.

Contour Pillow

A contour pillow is designed specifically to support your neck and head. These types of pillows are firmer and work well for back sleepers. This can help to properly place the neck along the spine.

Husband Pillow

Of all the pillows, the husband pillow is the most named. You must have heard of husbands as pillows…

  • Reading Pillow
  • Rest Pillow
  • Girlfriend Pillow
  • Boyfriend Pillow

and so many other names

The reason for the name is that you lean backward in the pillow, while two arms “hug” your arms, the same way you see couples. It is not appropriate to sleep on a husband’s pillow. You usually use the husband pillow to read, use your phone/tablet, or any other activity that is most comfortable when one is in an upward position.

Knee Pillow

DO you have back pain, hip pain, joint or knee pain? If yes, then this pillow is specially designed for you. Sleep doctors are advised you to have a Knee pillow between your legs to get relief from this pain because it provides enough amount of support. It is a designed foam pillow in which has a contoured section to adapt to the curves of your legs. It separated your knees while sleeping.

Lumbar Pillow

The term ‘supporting the lumbar’ means strengthening your lower back. Lumbar pillows shape does the same, providing some necessary relief for your lower back when you sleep. Lumbar pillows are flat but designed to fit the curve of your lower back. Suitable for back and side sleepers.

CPAP Pillow

Sleeping with a CPAP mask can be difficult. If you use a regular pillow, it will destroy the mask on your face, resulting in an uncomfortable pressure that can keep you awake at night.

The CPAP pillow is designed to be a wrought or cut-out section, in which your CPAP mask can rest.

Bath Pillow

Have you ever been so relaxed in the bath that you actually got down to sleep? If you answered yes, then you would be fully aware of how uncomfortable the edges of your bathtub are. Bending your head against the edge of your bathtub can leave you with a tough neck.

The bathtub provides a comfortable and supportive space on the side of your bathtub to give your head a rest.

Bath pillows are usually made of mold and mildew-resistant materials. Finally, there is a good chance that your pillow is about to get wet. You will find a series of suction cups that hold the pillow in place, stopping it from slipping on the back of your bath pillow.

The Sleep era is so wide that we can’t explain it in one life. There are so many factors that effects your sleep but the mattress and the pillow are the must things to have a good sleep. We are talking about the pillow from the last 3 blogs and there is still a lot that we could not cover. Therefore, we can say that everything related to sleep has its own history and area, which will take us a long time to fully know. See you again with some new element of sleep. Thank You!

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