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Types of Pillows – Material, Size, and Shapes

Types of Pillows

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Pillows are just as important for your health and quality of sleep as your mattress; However, many sleepers ignore the value of a pillow and simply opt for the usual pillows. While customary, rectangular pillows are absolutely substantiating, innovative pillow shapes—such as a cervical or body pillow—can reduce chronic pain, sleep conditions, and assist you to sleep a lot well overall. The best pillow for you ought to promote a healthy spine, relieve pressure, and support your head and neck therefore you sleep well. The excessiveness of pillow choice square measure intimidating, however, we clearly lay out your choices thus you’ll be able to higher opt for a high-quality pillow and succeed a decent night’s sleep. In addition, the glut of your pillow affects their cost as well as the breathability, conformity, and durability of your pillows.
We have already discussed the types of pillows according to fillings and How to Choose a Perfect Pillow in our last blog. Let’s have a look at that.
Types of pillows Stuff for a pillow


Wool and cotton both are non-toxic and resist mold and dust mites and also quite firmer. So if you like a squishy pillow, then these filling kinds of stuff are not for you. This type of pillow can’t be a perfect pillow for you.


Sleep experts advise having a down pillow to have a good sleep “One of the great things about down pillows is that you can move the stuffing around so that you have the most support where you need it, Plus, it’s soft, yet firm enough to give you the support you need.” Bernard says.

Down Substitutes

If you are allergic to Down, Down substitutes, or microfiber, there is a hypoallergenic substance made of synthetic fibers such as polyester or polyfill. It is not as warm, plush, or durable as the bottom, but it is inexpensive, responsive, and easy to maintain.

Latex Foam

It is the strongest type of pillow, and it counteracts mold and dust mites. Latex pillows can also help with back and neck alignment, as they are often contoured to support the neck.

Memory Foam

Memory Foam Pillows are quite popular because they recognize pressure points by constantly shifting and adjusting your body shape while moving overnight. These pillows come in a variety of sizes, including a popular contour S-shape intended to support the neck.


“Go by the density. The higher the density, the less breakdown, and the more support you will have without getting too soft.” Breus says.

There are some other types of fillers also on the market. We will have a look at them in this blog and will talk about types of mattresses according to a sleeper’s health condition.

Buckwheat Hulls Pillow

These pillows are filled with buckwheat hulls, which are rigid outer shells that protect the buckwheat seeds. The hulls have a lot of properties that are useful for bedding. They are breathable, hypoallergenic, and conform to the head and neck to help keep the spine aligned. They are becoming increasingly popular, but are quieter than your traditional pillow.
These pillows are natural, hypoallergic, supportive, moldable, and allow you to breathable. But buckwheats pillow can be noisier and too firm for some sleepers. These are heavier than other pillows and have a crunchy feel.

Kapok Fibre

Kapok fibers are literally the seed pod fluff of a rain forest tree known as the kapok. The fibers are naturally buoyant and sometimes used as a natural bedding filling. These fibers are hypoallergenic however will feel kind of like down. They’re soft, light-weight, and they’ll be fluffed occasionally. They must have an honest loft and maintain their form also.

Water Pillows

With its name, the water pillow is filled with – you guessed it – water! One of the biggest positives of a water pillow is that it will maintain its stability no matter what pressure is applied to it (below, compared to synthetic or foam fillings). But these have some negative points also. Leaks will cause trouble and potentially ruin your mattress. Maybe it is very firm even for those who sleep on the stomach.

Gel Pillows

Similar to water pillows, gel pillows are filled with gel and help to keep the pillow cool, consistent, and firm. Filling the gel keeps the pillow flat, but it can be molded or resized for extra comfort. Cool gel memory foam controls your body temperature and keeps you cool in the summer season that’s why it’s called Temper-Control Pillows also.

It is not uncommon to see memory foam pillows with a layer of gel. They are often known as “Gel Memory Foam Pillows” and you will get some cooling gel features also with contouring of memory foam. But sleepers can’t “sink” into the pillow-like you could a traditional down pillow.

Microbead Pillows

These pillows are made of many polystyrene beads. You may listen to microbeads that are commonly found in “U” shaped travel pillows. They feel “squishier” than pieces of foam or sliced foam. These pillows are very supportive and moldable and you can shift beads to be comfortable. Independent airflow makes them more breathable.
The size of microbeads can vary and is not the most environmentally-friendly choice.

Innerspring Pillows

These types of pillows have a steel spring inner layer and polyester or memory foam as an outer layer. They are designed for extra support to the head and neck and, similar to the inside of the spring mattress, the innerspring pillows have good airflow so that you stay calm. These pillows are quietly expensive due to their complex construction.

Cooling Pillows

Cooling the pillow is arguably one of the best inventions ever. They do what their name implies, sometimes through a cool gel material and other times with breathable clothes that help regulate body temperature.

This is all about the types of pillows as per their fillings. Pillows are differentiated in their sizes and shapes, and sleeping conditions also.

Pillow Sizes

  • Standard Size: 20 inches*26 Inches
  • Super Standard Size: 20 inches*28 inches
  • Queen Size: 20 inches*30 inches (well fitted on queen and king bed)
  • King Size: 20 inches*36 inches
  • European Size: 26 inches*26 inches

The rest will discuss in next blog. Till then, Happy New Year and Take Care! Thank You!

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